Sasha and Teddy

Hello Mark. I moved from California in Dec 2005 and happened upon your radio show on WABC, 770AM, and try to listen any time I can. I am very pleased that your opinion is publicized for many to hear. I was very moved when you talked about Sprite and your feelings of loss. I had an Alaskan Malamute named ‘Sasha’ when I lived in CA and she had the coloring and markings of a grey wolf. She was very gentle and friendly although her 110 pound size belied that. People use to cross the street when I walked her sometimes. I lost her to cancer and it broke my heart. I was useless at work for two weeks. I then decided that I was not going through that again, no more dogs. That was not the first time for me. About a year before I moved, around November 2004 through a series of events I bought a 13 pound white apricot poodle mix named ‘Teddy” from a rescue shelter. Little dog huge heart. I am humbled by his love and affection. I made him a pact: let me adopt you and you will never have to worry about anything, I will take very good care of you. He had been running the streets with a bigger dog near El Camino College in Torrance: lucky for me the big dog got away and little ‘Teddy’ didn’t. It may sound corny, but I thank the Great Spirit, the Creator, every night for loaning me little Teddy as I know he wants him back at some time, can’t blame him. DOGS RULE. Thank you for your radio show,
William from New York