Little did we know that as we sat together in the Bahamas at the Atlantis about 5 yrs ago while watching your son swim (remember that the pool attendant accidentally moved your camera and you thought that I stole your chair ) that we both shared a passion for dogs…something that never came up in the conversation. My degree is in Animal Science and was poised to enter Vet school when events in my Dad’s life changed those plans. I had worked every summmer in the early 70’s for a local vet and became convinced of my calling to care for dogs. It never was to be but my love for dogs has and always be …In fact it was my goal to retire to the country and have exactly 26 dogs and name them after each letter in the alphabet. I too, have a story of having to put down a beloved pet “Sandy”…looking into to her eyes just in those final moments made feel as though she was saying to me “it’s okay”..I clung to that self imposed “bandaid” for weeks. I was a zombie. I feel the tears rolling down my face as I write this to you….there is so much more …I just can’t continue….

Raymond from LA