I was touched and moved when hearing of the loss of a memebr of your family. I can relate to your pain and feelings of loss when a companion who gives unconditional love and loyalty is no longer by our side. Although I did not rescue my dog he was as loyal, trusting and loving as described in the story of pulling the thorn from the lion’s paw. His name was Samson. Named as such because he possesed an incredible amount of strength, both physically and in his heart. When the time came for Samson to leave us, I too felt it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been called on to do in my life. This trusting, loyal friend was led to meet the end of his life by his owner and I felt I betrayed him in some way. Even though it was years ago I still harbor some feelings of guilt in taking the course of action I did regardless of whether it was the logical and humane thing to do. There is a poem I read once, written about the loss of a loved one, but I can’t remeber the name. It says that our family is waiting for us, waiting as if we’ve been away for a while now we’re reunited again. I belive that is true. And till I meet Samson again one day I shall continue to cherish the fond memories of love and companionship he so loyally and unconditionally gave. I intend to buy your book next week and am looking foward to reading your’s and Sprite’s story. Hang in there and keep up your great work.

Ed from NY