I hope to meet you some day, I appreciate your intelligence and your great humor. In the past I have had the great fortune to work as a registered veterinary technician. Those ten years were some of the most wonderful years as I was able to work with dogs and cats every day. In my wanderings in the veterinary field, my wife and I were able to save, rescue, or adopt out upwards of 20 to 25 dogs. There were years when my wife and I spent roughly have of my wages on other peoples pets to help pay veterinary bills and to rescue these fine critters.

We have been blessed with the company of some very special dogs. At this time we share our house with 8 dogs who were all rescues. We have knuckleheaded huskies, a sweet bull mastiff, a terrier that runs the house and a goofy golden retriever mix. In the past year we have lost 2 wonderful huskies and a hounddog that was irreplaceable. As I tear up thinking of my hounddog, Samson (aka:loaf), it is very difficult to describe. He was the best friend I ever had. Samson was a dog my wife and I resued in Soldotna, Alaska. He had a terrible fracture of one of his rear legs. Surgery was performed, but the leg never fully healed. This did not slow him down in the least. After years he developed problems with the leg with signs of cancer. We had the leg removed, but this still didn’t slow him. He lived for truck rides. I can remember days when I would load him in the truck, lifting him, as he couldn’t jump in the truck any longer. He would ride 500 miles round trip and love every minute of it. Oh, the stories I could tell of my wonderful loaf. I am sorry for being so long winded. Years ago I read a book, I don’t recall the authors name, but I do remember how the lady talked about the day when she went to heaven and was able to see all of her dogs again. When questioned how she knew there were dogs in heaven, she responded “It wouldn’t be heaven if there weren’t any dogs!” That’s exactly how I feel.
Thank You for your time

Rick from Alaska