In January we bought a rotweiller puppy. His name was Sammy. He was the most loving puppy you have ever seen (and I have two Labrador retrievers).

The other dogs loved Sammy and would play so gently with him. On Saturday, March 17, we went to the store and was gone for about thirty minutes and put the dogs in the back yard.

When we returned, the puppy was lying next to the back door and was bleeding. He had a single puncture wound on his belly near his rear leg. He was in a great deal of pain.

We took him to an animal emergency room in the city next to ours. They gave him intravenous pain medication. They wanted to x-ray him to ensure that he did not have a broken leg (which we immediately agreed to). Prior to x-raying, they sedated the puppy. His leg was not broken.

The vet placed a drainage tube in the wound, stitched it in place and placed a pain patch on him. We were then told that he would wake up from the anesthesia in 15 or twenty minutes and that we would be able to take him home. About one and one half hours later he still had not regained consciousness. We were then told to go home and come back in about five hours to pick him up.

The receptionist came running out to the parking lot and said the vet wanted to discharge Sammy. The vet carried Sammy out to the waiting room. He was completely unconscious. We asked about the propriety of taking him home with him unconscious and the vet said not to worry. He would be fine.

On the way home, Sammy died without ever waking up!!!!!!!

We met with the director of the hospital the next morning and asked for the vet hospital to pay the cost of the puppy and they refused. The hospital refused to acknowledge any responsibility for Sammy’s death.

We filed a suit in small claims court against the vet and the hospital. They hired an attorney. This attorney has told outright lies in his motions to the Court (since the Justice of the Peace (the judge of this court) is not an attorney, he is basically allowing this attorney to run the Court in regards to this case. Because of the motions he filed, we basically have two choices have a motion of summary judgment (with prejudice) against us granted or hire an attorney to put all responses to the court in their “Proper” form. The Judge is violating the entire reason for the small claims court by requiring us to have an attorney.

If you or any of your readers know of an attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that would be able to assist us with this please contact me (feel free to include my email address on the blog). I don’t have a lot of money but they need to have a judgment against them for Sammy’s sake. He cannot speak for himself and I am afraid that I will not be able to speak for him either.

Joe from Texas

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  1. Carole Kauffman Says:

    Try contacting either the Dallas or Ft. Worth Bar Association for assistance. They may be able to put you in touch with a young attorney who will work with you “pro bono” (i.e. at no charge). I am associated with a local Lab Rescue group and have seen occasions where a dog-loving attorney will sometimes step up to the plate. Also you can file a complaint against the vet with the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. Their address is 333 Guadalupe Tower #3, Suite 810, Austin, TX 78701 and their phone # is (800) 821-3205. Best of luck to you.