Our Baby Sammy …we found him on the internet not long after my other baby Mickey died. He woke me up one morning almost screaming!! I have never heard a dog scream, called my husband and he came home from work. Our baby was 16 years old. I found him when he was a little guy in the corner of a cage being bitten by other big dogs. I knew he was mine and loved him every day I had him. That terrible morning we took him to the vet and the vet told us because of his age not much could really be done. I could not be there at all……we had nursed him not long before that. He would just lie down and not want to get up. So when this happened we knew. My husband took him to the vet, I could not go….my husband did not want to go but he went. My baby kissed me and kissed me….I was so heartbroken because he was my special baby. My husband held my baby as he kissed him until he went to sleep. It was just unbearable to be without my buddy, he was like a child to me. So I was now on a mission to find another dog that looked just like him. It took quite a few months but one day all of a sudden there he was………I could not believe it! Of course, he was about 450 miles away. The rescue shelter said we had to fill out all these papers. Then we were asked where we were coming from. They told us if we would drive that far for our little guy, we did not have to fill out anything. We are so Thankful for him…….he had been tied to a fence all his little life and was then given to the pound who was going to put him to sleep, but they knew he was too special and they gave him to the shelter we got him from.
He is Our guy….SAMMY!!


Terry from IL