Hi Mark, I am looking forward to reading Rescuing Sprite. I suppose you are the first person I have found that was crushed as much as myself for having to give up our best friend. My wife and I never had children so our Pickenease Sammy was our daughter for 17 years. I never dreamed an animal could steel my heart the way that dog did. Of course for me to tell my entire story of life with┬áSammy for so many years would result in my own book. We kept Sammy for a year longer than we should have out of our inability to let her go. We fed her the last year with a baby bottle and she had no fun. For that I am truly regretfull because that wasn’t fair to her.

April three years ago my wife and I finally mustered the courage to take her to the vet for his opinion, knowing full well what he would say. Sammy was afraid lying on the examanation table as I stoked her tiny head telling her it would be ok. When the doctor adminstered the shot to her tiny foot I lost what little composure I had mustered. Still hurt some each day for Sammy and vowed to have owned my last dog. A year ago we took in a tiny “mutt” who was wandering without a home. She is a delightful little dog who is allways glad when wife and I come home so here we go, falling again. These little creatures have to live somewhere and having a soft heart sure has it’s draw backs. Sammy is ok now and so is Sprite, we will just have to look forward to the day when they can jump in our laps again and we won’t have to loose them again.

Thank you for sharing with us Mark.

W.C. from Arkansas