Presently we have two dogs, candy and cola. Our first dog Pepsi died May 25,2000 and I still miss her. We adopted Candy only to find our that she is deaf, has water on the brain and a deformed skull. We were told that she would live a year, but now she is still around 7 years later.When we livewd in Indiana we toke her to Purdue to find out that she was 20% deaf, able to hear sounds of high pitches but not able to understand what she hears. Our third dog , Sammie who is deceased was a 7 1/2 yo Maltese which my wife found wondering across a busy highway. She brought him home and discovered that he was covered with feces and was frightened. We cleaned him and proceeded to call area vets to find out if a lost and found notice was posted. The next day we took him to our vet and found out that whoever had him threw him out of a moving car and cracked his spine. He also had spots on his back that looked like freckles, however they were cigarette burns. I am choked up just talking about it. After about a year and half of enjoying him it started to have a health problem. For 6 straight days we took him to our vet but never was able to assertain what the problem was. On the seventh day he had a tough time breathing so we rushed him to the emergency vet office at 8 p.m. They took him in the back and placed him in an oxygen box and he seemed better.

The vet said he would examine him and come back with a cost for some tests. He said the dog was in guarded condition. When he returned his cost would be $ 1983.00 for the tests. Now I am a retired individual so this was quite an expense , however since I wasw the dogs caregiver I opted to try to save him. when I returned the next day they told me to take my dog to the vet for he has a few hours to live. My wife was at work when I picked Sammie so I took him to my vet. He told me the dog had one foot in the grave and the other was in the grave. Mercifully he waited for I wife to get off work and kept the poor dog alive so at least she can say goodbye. She stayed with Sammie while the vet put him to sllep. I waited outside and cried my eyes out. I have tears in my eyes as I write this and on Valentines day he will have passed 3 y..

Thank You for all you dogs for conservatives and DOGS.
Regis from FL