I left the house after a little marital spat (not the first or last in 38 yrs of wonderful marriage), needing a change of scenery and found myself at B&N, perusing the latest offerings, remembered Rush talking about your book, so I asked for it, they had 1 left. I went over to a all night pancake house and ordered a pot of coffee and I can’t begin to tell you how much your book touched me. I keep thinking of the day I’ll have to eventually make these decisions about my 2yr old black lab, Sambo. I know it’ll be tough but having read about Sprite will help immensely, as I’m sure it will help millions of others. I came home and hugged my dog with tears in my eyes. It’s incredible how they pick up on your hurt. Rescuing Sprite has helped me put life’s priorities right and for that, I can’t express my thanks adequately. God bless you for writing this book.

John from NE