I wanted to write about a kitty we had named “Samantha”. My husband and I went to a animal adoption fair in the hopes of finding a puppy. As we were looking for a dog we walked up the hill and saw all the cats. We looked into all of the cages and that’s when we saw “Samantha”.

She was so pretty and was the only cat that came to us when we had put our finger in the cage. She seemed like a very friendly and happy go lucky cat. At this point we did not know how old she was but we both knew that this was the cat that we wanted. The adoption lady told us that she was 12 years old and she was happy that someone wanted to adopt an older cat. My husband and I did not care how old she was, at that point we just wanted to take her home and make the rest of her life as good as it could possibly be.

When we filled out our paper work we could not wait to get her out of the stressful situation she was in and bring her to a quiet and nice home. After being approved to adopt her and getting her microchip put in we quickly went to the pet store and bought all the stuff needed for a cat. Toy’s, litter box, food ect…

The first thing she did when she got out of the box was she began to scratch her little paws on the carpet. My husband and I were shocked to find that she had been declawed on her front paws! This was very sad as we know how painful it could be, however it was ironic that we were talking about how worried we were that she would scratch all our furniture.

The first time we ever heard her meow we thought she was in pain. We quietly looked at her to see what was wrong and we noticed that she was carrying one of her toy mice in her mouth. From then on when we heard that funny meow we knew she had the mouse in her mouth.

We had two of the best years ever with her. Every morning she would jump up on our bed and wake us up. Her favorite thing was to get her chin rubbed. She loved to sit on my jacket when I placed it on the couch and was the most loving, caring and beautiful cat.

One day we came home later in the day and noticed she was not her usual self. We began to worry a little and we tried everything to make her play and be happy but she would just lay on her stomach as if it hurt. The next day we took her to the doctor and they said “she is only “4 years old and she should not have these problems” I explained that they had her birthdate wrong and she was actually almost 14 years old. They ran some tests and did some x-rays and came to the conclusion they did not want to operate on her since she was such an old cat. They figured she had cancer and the best thing to do was to end her suffering. My husband and I had the hardest decision of our lives to make I cried for an entire day before I could think straight. My husband and I went to see her one last time before they put her to sleep. We said goodbye and thanked her for all the good times she gave us. We now have her ashes in an Urn and remember her every day.

Someone had once told us that she was a Maine Coon. So in her memory we decided to adopt 2 Maine Coons from the rescue. Our BIG cat Tiger and little one Sienna.

Thanks to her these two cats have a great home and we have had many great times with them.

Thank you Samantha for being such a GREAT companion and so loving to us.

Rebecca from CA