I had to put my buddy of 15 years, 49 weeks down. I thought it would be horrible but the vet was a friend. He put a rocking chair in the office and I held my buddy Sam. He had suffered a rapid onset of some type of attack on his nervous system from what the vet told me. I put my love for him above the need for him to be at my side. I could not stand to see him not himself and he was not his usual self. My friend gave hime the shots to put him to sleep while I held him in my arms. I felt him draw his last breath and finally relax. I would not take a million dollars for that even though it hurt like hell. I was not so fortunate with my Malamute to be with her at her last. I have not quite dealt with losing her. The pain of losing a pet is awful but the love of having one and that love that hits you full force in the evening when you come home from the office after a not so great day makes it all worth while. Instead of Rescuing Sprite maybe the title should have been Sprite Rescues the Levin’s.

Lisa from LA