Mark I listen to your broadcast whenever possible and your show Friday was very special . The tone in your voice was so revealing as you read the dog poem – told about your loss . Your guests – Wow – if the human spirit could be bottled that is it’s essence . I lost my Airedale Sam four yrs ago at 4 yrs old – suddenly. She was my confidant . Never hurt that bad or cried that uncontrolably in my entire life . My family rallied around me as Sam was My dog and they knew how close we were . I actually cried off and on for several days. At 46 I lost a friend that I knew could not be replaced . The tone in your voice lets me know now I’m in good company . My best to you, kind sir. Will you send a copy of the dog poem you read on air ? My Mom is very close to loosing her dear companion to age and it may help and along with your book that I just ordered .
Thank you

Ed from MO