10 years ago my wife brought home a dog from the pound. She told me she had a surprise for me and she let the dog out of a cage. Here comes a black dog with short legs. It was a half lab, half basset hound. I always had dreams of a registered champion black lab. I was so angry that I made a total fool of myself. I told her she was taking the dog back to the pound. I could not believe she did this. A day went by and I was in the back shop and the dog came in and looked at me. Right then I knew I could not take the dog back. My wife told me the dog was two years old and was tied up in the yard 24 hours a day. I started to feel sorry for the dog.

The dog needed a lot of training, but day after day she we each learned what the other one wanted and needed. Her name is Sally, she is the best thing that my wife has ever given me. I love this dog, she is the best. Her unconditional love is unstopping. She is now almost 12 years old and I have almost started crying just thinking about the day I will lose her. I cannot take it, right now she is still doing good, but I know the day will come. I know she is happy, she has the run of the house, yard, etc. She sleeps on our bed, the spare bed, two separate couches, and wherever she wants. We do have to wash the bed spreads, and cover up the couches she likes, but it is worth it. She does not smell and is a very clean dog. I love her and I am so blessed that my wife rescued her from the pound. We do not have children, but I think I know how parents lover their kids, because she is our kid. I think I am looking forward to reading rescuing Sprite, but then again, I am not looking forward to reading it? Thank you for letting me write this.Attached is a photo of the best girl in the world, SALLY!

Michael from OR