I have 2 Marine sons, 20 and 21. Both are overseas this holiday season, with my older son being in Iraq. Please pray for all our Marines. Shortly before my older son left for Marine recruit training in 2004, he found a scared and abused little dog on our porch. She would not come to anyone other than him and he spent hours getting close to her. We kept her a few days and my younger son and I had to leave town a few days not knowing if the dog would be there when we returned. Well, she was, and still is in her home she found!

She just appeared on our little back deck! We took her to the vet and told him we did not see any ads for a lost dog and he said there would not be because he could tell she was abused because she was so scared. She weighed about 15 lbs and still had baby teeth so she was about 16 weeks old. She would go totally under our beds and hide, or go behind the couch she was so scared. My older son named her, it was a decision between Ginger and Sage and he named her Sage. We got her all her shots and while he was at recruit training, spayed. She is brindle in color and from looking up brindle dogs on the internet I believe she is a basenji or a basenji mix. My son nursed her back to health and she slept under the bed in his room.

Gradually she warmed up to us, but is still scared some times. My son had to leave for recruit training and has been overseas since completing his training, now he is in Iraq. We have been taking good care of her though! Some say she is spoiled and found the right home! Both my sons are now Marines overseas. I wonder who could have abused a small animal like Sage, and who would have done that to a dog? When we found her she had no collar or ID. We have no idea how she found our back porch for refuge while scared, abused, and lost, but she made it and is a sweet dog. She keeps us busy while our sons are serving our country and her Marine rescuerer is overseas in Iraq. We are awaiting the day our son who nursed her to health and calmed her fears comes home. It is upsetting that people abuse animals such as this small dog. We can only imagine what she went through her first 16 weeks.


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  1. Grace Jo Says:

    The breeder was going to keep her, but she was too small. I had just lost my 11 yr old sheltie to rat poisening. I was devastated and cried everyday. Annie was very special. My good friend Jean found out about this little sheltie up for adoption. I got her at 4 months old and named her Gracie Jo. She was small and so cute. she would get a bone and jump in my lap and chew on it. She would curl up behind my legs at night and sleep and when I would go to work in the morning she knew when I was ready to leave when i would zip up my lunch box and she would bark.
    I had her in agility and she was entered in her first competition of Jan. 2003. In Dec. of 2002 mys sister was visiting and let her out the front door. She was hit by a car and paralized. There was nothing to be done. I held her as the vet put her down. I was so devasted. My song to her is “My Gracie Jo, where did you go? You were to young to go from me, so suddenly!”