I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and want to thank you for putting into words the way I feel about my own two dogs. I got Sadie when she was 8 weeks old and 6 months later rescued Skylar from a Foster group simliar to the kind you got Sprite from. They are going on 7 years old now, and earlier this year I learned that Sadie has cancer. After many tests and thousands of dollars I decided not to put her through surgeries/chemo/radiation. I felt at first like I was giving up on her but began to realize that I wanted her quality of life to be good and I had no previous signs that she was even ill. They noticed elevated calcium levels in her blood but she didn’t exhibit any problems. Last year she had knee surger on both of her legs but otherwise she was fine. Now more than 7 months later she is still doing great no signs of illness and I am so glad I didnt listen to the dr trying to push surgery and chemo. Both Sadie and Skylar are my best friends, and best of buddies to each other. They bring me so much joy and companionship and I have found I enjoy them even more knowing Sadies time may be limited!

Rich from IL