DeaR Mark, greeting from Southern Utah. I really enjoy your program and listen every day. Keep up the good work.
I have been moved by your telling about your precious dogs. I have not yet purchased your book yet, but plan to so. I have a neat little Shitz Shue that my son gave to me 3 years ago and what a pleasure and companion he is to me. My wife of 44 years passed away some years ago and my Rusty has really helped to fill a terrible void in my life. My religion teaches me that I lived before I came into mortality and I will live again when I leave mortality, So having said that, I have to believe that there is a doggy heaven as well . I know that I will see my beloved wife again at that time. I have to believe that your Sprite is surly in doggy heaven as well. much love to you and your Family.

Reed from Utah