I sit hereon the floor w/ Laptop as I type this. My best buddy “Rush” an ex Greyhound racer is dieing of Cancer. I have put off taking him into the vet put him down for I find it to hard to do that. But after seeing this magnificent strong a loving animal tun into a helpless invalid …I knew it was time. My wife do not have a lot of money…god knows there are bills we can’t pay. But to spend it on him is right thing to do.

i said my good bye this morning and as I was heading out the door…he sighed..in a clear & unmissable way..do not leave me. So I called in sick to work and stayed with him until my wife got home so we could take him in. I can not help the feeling of love I have for Rush. He was always there for me..and now here I sit with him. He closed his eyes now…he is gone. Bye my friend…The pain in my heart is equal to the joy he bought this house. I know that he was not alone…for I am still here with him…his head in my lap. Looks if my wife is home. I can hear the car.

Eric from IL