I’m sorry for your loss. I”ve been listening to your story.
On Oct.,19,my daughter had a baby in the metroplex. I went to her home to help her with the new baby. While there my husband called on Mon. to tell me that he had not seen our farm cat since Sat. night. We had never owned a cat, but this precious cat came to us as a kitten as someone had thrown away. She was so loving. That was a shock. Then me husband called on Thurs. and told me that our 13 yr old yorkie was dead. Apparantly a coyote had been stalking them. We got our yorkie while still in the metroplex , Dec. l993. Our youngest wanted to name him Rush after Rush Limbaugh; so that he was named. Rush became the master of our home.
I know exactly how you are feeling; It is so lonely not to have them meeting me when I drive home and no hello bark when I enter the house.
Thank you and God bless for allowing this story page
Linda from TX