Rumble In The Park

I’ve loved and admired dogs for a long time. I was about 6 years old when I started asking my parents for a dog on a daily basis. My different questions and reasons never worked until right before the Christmas of 2006. I was 14 when I finally convinced my father to get me a dog.

My companion and new brother was born on February 4th and introduced to the family on 1 April 2007. He joined my 12 year old sister, my father, and I. We loved our little bundle of muscle. The little tank is his nickname when it comes to family and friends. Auggie Doggie is now a 9 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Auggie is an unconditionally loving dog when it comes to humans and also other dogs. When we take him out to the dog park he has to spend half of his time jumping up on benches to greet people with kisses, and half his time sniffing other dogs, running with other dogs, and just enjoying a day with his neighborhood friends.

On November 5, 2007 there was a football game for my high school against one of our rivals which I had planed to go watch. In order to be able to go out though for a few hours I had to make sure Auggie was well fed, exercised, and did his business before leaving. Therefore, I decided to bring him to the neighborhood dog park. The dog park is divided into two sections. One for dogs under 30 pounds and one for dogs over 30 pounds. At 40 pounds, Auggie is one of the smaller dogs, but runs well with the big dogs.

It was starting to get dark when I arrived at 5:15 p.m. I couldn’t see the dogs in the park clearly unless they were face to face with me; which usually resulted in a face full of slobbery kisses. As Auggie ran wild, I came to the conclusion that there were a few dogs that I had not seen before. One of the new dogs was a full grown Doberman named “Blaze.” I began following Auggie when I noticed that the dogs were barking a little more than usual at each other. There were growls here and there, but I wasn’t too worried: I kept an eye on Auggie.

10 minutes after arriving, a Border Collie came running from the gate filled with joy and excitement only to be trampled on by Blaze. This Border collie was only a pup so the Doberman easily took control of her. Blaze even tried gnawing on the Border collie’s legs head and arms. A bunch of ladies approached the dogs. I figured it would be taken care of and turned my attention back to my dog Auggie.

A few minutes later, I saw all the big dogs in the park, including Blaze, chasing the Border collie. They caught and surrounded her. They barked, growled, and nipped at her.

The ladies were running after the dogs and yelling, without much effect. Auggie decided he would handle it. Auggie was the second smallest dog at the park and was smaller than the Border collie. Auggie ran into the middle of the pile, stood over the Border Collie that had been forced to the ground, and began barking at the other dogs. He stood defiantly with a firm bark. This gave the Border Collie a chance to escape, but the big dogs followed and surround her again.

Auggie once again came to the rescue and stood at the center of the circle of dogs – over the now shaking Border Collie. He barked at the dogs. This time when the Border collie escaped she ran to the top of an obstacle in the park. The obstacle is shaped like a triangle for dogs to run up and down. This time the dogs could not knock her down. The bigger dogs surrounded the obstacle and started growling. The growling was menacing and I was now concerned that a real fight would erupt.

The owners of these dogs where not taking control of their dogs. Auggie jumped on to the obstacle where the Border Collie was quivering in fear. He growled back at the surrounding dogs. The bigger dogs then focused on Auggie. They started to jump and snap at Auggie. One of the dogs knocked him off the obstacle onto the ground. The much larger dogs jumped onto Auggie grabbing him in their jaws.

I ran to the middle of the pile. I felt jaws and claws all over my legs. I felt as if I was going to only have bones without meat for legs after this was all over, but that was not as important as saving my dog. I got to the middle of the pile and began throwing dogs off of Auggie. I grabbed Auggie’s collar and but and picked him up as fast and high as I could, walking out of the pile as dogs jumped to bite Auggie’s butt. Auggie started kissing me like crazy.

I carried him to the gate, worried sick that my dog had severe injuries. Upon arriving at the gate, I had made sure that Auggie wasn’t badly hurt. I expected to find that we were bleeding, but to my surprise, both Auggie and I survived unscathed but for a few little scratches and one small spot of blood on my finger.

I put his leash on and we headed home, relieved that we were both unhurt and proud of my puppies brave actions.

Sam from NJ

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  1. Carole Says:

    I loved the story and want to hear more stories about this wonderful dog, Auggie. Please post some pictures of Auggie and his antics with your stories. Waiting to read and see more.