rufus and i were super tight. he went everywhere with me, and we were together 24 hours a day with rare exception. he was so tuned-in to me that the slightest silent gesture was sufficient to communicate a command; one that was instantly obeyed. this went on for six years. i really loved him.

i went to europe for a summer and left him with a girlfriend. the summer became 2 years.

when i returned i was eager to reunite with my longtime tight partner. he growled at me.

at first i was hurt by this, but soon realized that he simply had a new pack leader now.

we don’t elevate animals by attributing human characteristics to them, we diminish the unique nature of being human. referring to the instinctual behavior of a pet’s bonding with what is in essence its pack leader and pack as “unconditional love” is such an example.
another would be when sean hannity recently repeatedly referred to michael vick’s dog killing as murder.

dogs are wonderful, but please, keep things in perspective.

Archer from CA