‘ve been listening to your dialog about Sprite for past couple of nights. I too rescued my dog. However, this evening I heard one of your listeners call in and was intrigued by their story of their dog named Ruby (a Rottweiler). What’s curious and strange to me is I too have a dog I rescued a couple of months ago named Ruby (a 2 year old Rottweiler). Even more strange is I adopted her to fill the void of losing my previous beloved dog who also was named Ruby (a rescued Rottweiler). Everyone at work thought it was kismet that I located a another Ruby (Rottweiler) to rescue after losing my first one. I was just wondering how many Ruby “Rottweilers” are out there! We’re still getting to know our current Ruby who we fondly call Ruby Duex [as she is the second]. There isn’t enough time or paper to describe my first Ruby who was my constant companion while my husband was deployed for 2 years to Iraq. My husband is still active duty (and now back with us from Iraq) and I’m retired military. Ruby was the greatest God send ever. I would have gone crazy without her. I hope the other gentlemen’s Ruby “Rottweiler” is just as sweet and wonderful – which I’m sure she is. Continue to challenge us with thoughful topics so we can make an educated and informed decision on the impending election. Thank you.

Christine from VA