Roxie was a Rottwiler. She came to us to be with my wife while I worked nights. She made every step my wife made and although very loving could be agressive when ever some one she did not know came near my wife, especially men. When told it was ok she sould settel down. After 9 years she began to shake her head and snort. My wife took her to the Vet. She had developet a tumor at the back of her soft pallet. It was inoperable due to the vascular nature of the area. My Wife would not put her down. She took her home with medication to keep her comfortable. On her last night, at about 4:00 am she got up and walked into evry room of our house, looked around, came back to my wife who had been sitting up with her, laid that big head in my wife’s lap, took a deep breath and died. My wife would not let anyone help her, she bured her in the back yard on her dog bed. My wife said she would never have another dog until she found, quite by accident, an English Mastif, female, that was born on the same day that Roxie died. Freya now makes every step my wife does and is a lap dog.

Tim from LA