I listened to Mark’s sjow tonight and heard all those callers who had lost their beloved dogs. It was just what I needed today, because, yesterday, we had to put down our beloved Rosie.She lost her battle with liver disease. Rosie was an 11 year old Lab/Shepherd/Rottie mix we rescued. She was a special needs dog, with a bad spine and bad hips. But her spirit and joy, trust in us, sense of humor, intelligence and playfulness brought so much joy to our lives. Our vet was so kind and understanding. He helped us through the whole final process, and we will always be grateful. Rosie loved the ocean, the lake, walks in the woods. She would pester me to play ball with her, or bring her leash to me when it was time for a walk. Though she is gone since yesterday, I still see her everywhere. Coming to the door to greet us, laying by my feet, sleeping in her favorite spot. She loved our kids and grandkids. She never, ever bit anyone or even showed her teeth, but she would bark when someone was at the door, and a husky, serious bark it was. Just what we wanted.
I can’t write much more, because I am crying a bit. I will never, ever forget my wonderful Rosie.
God tries to tell us He loves us in a thousand ways, and most of the time we don’t get the message. That’s why he gave us dogs. After you’ve been lucky enough to have a dog for a friend, you know that it was God’s way of showing His love for you, by gifting you with that particular dog and that particular time in your life.
Thank you
Gary from ME