My wife is from England and I knew from the begining that she was a two part package. If she was going to come over here to live with me in America then her Black Lab Rosie was coming too.

We were married on 11/20/2001 and submitted my wife’s green card forms to the INS shortly thereafter. We did not know at the time that once the forms are submitted she is not allowed to travel outside of the country (it took 3 years for her to get her green card). We also learned that a pet cannot travel alone on an airplane. Therefore, we booked me a flight.

I went to work on the Friday and caught a flight from Seattle to London that night after work. I was met at London Heathrow by my wife’s parents and we drove the 2 hour trip north to the village they live in. Her parents were taking care of Rosie while my wife was with me in America. I slept well that night. In the morning we took Rosie for a walk with my wife’s father and then we loaded ourselves up in the car for the trip back to Heathrow.

I stayed with Rosie right until the last moment when some airline officials came to take her and put her on the airplane. I watched from the window as they loaded her on the airplane. I boarded immediately after. As soon as we arrived in Seattle some airline officials took me to one side and asked me for all of the proper documentation that is needed to bring a dog into America. I gave them the documents and they told me that Rosie was doing great and that she’d meet me on the other side. An hour later I had made it through the customs / immigration process. To this day I think that it’s funny she made it through so much easier and quicker than me. As soon as I saw Rosie I called my wife to come pick us up at the airport.

When my wife drove up I was holding Rosie and petting her. My wife parked our car right in front of us and walked around the back and then called her.

That is still a sight that can bring tears to my eyes. Rosie was so excited to see her Mummy that she barely made it a step before she was on her back and weeing everywhere and my wife was cuddling her and crying. It was quite an emotional reunion.

From that day forward Rosie became a very active and loved member of our family. And I was back at work on Monday morning.

Six years later I don’t think that Rescuing Sprite could have come at a better time. Rosie was diagnosed with Kidney disease about a year ago and she hasn’t been doing very well at all these past couple weeks. I’ve asked my wife to get your book for me for Christmas but I’m worried Christmas may be a little too late. I guess we’ll see.

Thanks Mark.

Eric from WA