First let me say that I am sorry for your lost in Sprite. My story begins five years ago. My fiance at the time suprised me with a wounderful blessin for my birthday. She gave me the greatest gift in a small Pembrooke Welsh Corgi. His name is Roqi. Shortly after I ask my fiance to leave and I kept Roqi for myself. he has been my best friend ever sice. The love is unconditional. Let me tell you about our fall Saturday tradition. I come home from work and I see him and his nub of a tail start to waggle. He knows that it is time for our pregame ritual. I smoke ribs the night before. He is always at my feet hoping that a treat finds it way to him (as always do). During kick off I always say Roll Tide. As I say roll Tide, Roqi sits by my side and barks in tune with me. It is a special moment that we share. Roqi is so funny that he knows and follows the game. It gives me great pleasure to tell you this story of Roqi the Alabama Crimson Tide dog fan. I dread the time when Roqi will not be there when I come home one day, yet I will always cherrish the time we have an continue to have.
Thank you for the time and Roqi says Roll Tide

Brian from New Jersey