Over the years I have lost 13 best friends. As a child I couldn’t have any pets because I was asthmatic. But when I was in my late teens I got my first little mixed Chihuahua Spooky. She had been abused, but I loved her with all my heart and she was a great friend. I had another Chihuahua, Ginger who was sweet, although not bright. I loved both of them with all my heart.

Then along came Rommel, my first Doberman and my soul mate. I would have married him if he was human. He knew whatever time I left work and he would sit by the door until I drove in the yard where he greeted me. I never left work at the same time so it was amazing. He started my love affair with Dobermans and when I lost him at 9 to cancer I thought my heart would break. Never have I cried so hard and to this day (18 years later) I miss him so. He was followed by 7 other Dobermans, but I lost most of them at early ages of 6, 5-1/2, 3, 1-1/2 and then 10. Now I have Henry the 8th–my last Doberman, only 2-1/2 now and healthy. GIven to me by my best friend who died 2 months ago he will be my last Dobe. I can’t bear the heartbreak of losing them so young.
I now also have 2 fantastic Greyhounds–Captain Morgan and Mai Tai. Plus a miniature pinscher for my husband who has MD.

I fell in love with Greyhounds and will continue to adopt them as time goes on.
My dogs are my life and the one bright spot in my day with an ill husband, plus my own health problems.
Mai Tai is a blood donor at my vet’s. They call when they have a critically ill dog who needs blood to survive, or to try to survive. Mai Tai is my hero as she is so good as they draw the blood needed to save a life. She gets a lot of loving there until I can pick her up to take her home after work.
I can’t imagine the life she had at the track before I adopted her. She has become so animated now and has learned to play and loves her daily walks, and just being by my side all the time.Plus she is the love of Henry and Morgan. On days I take her to the vet to give blood the boys mope around until her return.

I could fill a book or two with the tales of my dogs, but we all have those stories. I have had some signs from a few of them that they are ok and well now that they have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
A few years after Rommel died I was talking to him while out under the stars one night. I asked him for a sign that he was ok. I asked for 2 shooting stars. Within a few minutes there were 2 bright huge shooting stars that started and ended at the same time, one under the other as the traveled along a long path in the night sky
Another night in winter time under black but lightly cloudy night skies with no snow in the forecast I asked him for a snow flurry. Almost in an instant there was this light falling of snowflakes. They left as fast as they came, but I know he was there. We were that close in life and we are that close in death. He is ok now.I will be with him again when it is my time.

There must be a reason that dog is God spelled backwards. He loved them so much he gave them His name.

Holly from AZ