Rollie and Bunker

Mark—Thanks for all you do. I’ve had dogs (and horses and cats) my whole life. I’m 73 and have 2 dogs now—Black Lab, Rollie and German Shepherd, Bunker. Also 2 horses and 2 cats. Here’s my urgent recommendation. If your animal has reached the end and misery is overwhelming, buck up and have it put down humanely. Secondly, when you do that, look in its eyes and hold its paws. Many years ago I had my Dad take my precious dachshund, Hilda, to the vet for euthanization. I was too big a coward and I’ll regret it forever. I’ve had several dogs since, and when they came to the end, I dealt with it—-a Poodle, Beau Jo and a Black Lab, Molly. They represented the best things in life.

 James from WA