God gave us ROBBIE, a full-sized dachshund bred from a miniature dad and a full-sized Dachshund with a Lab crossed mom just before Xmas 1995 the day after he severely bit an UPS driver who daily called on my son’s home business. If we had been a day or two either way we would not have had Robbie for the NEXT TWELVE YEARS, living in our bedroom on his own sofa chair bed. Robbie died just 2 weeks ago , a week before his 16th birthday. He did not suffer, but had an enlarged heart and fluid on both lungs that affected his breathing for just a few days. He ran with me on his daily walk the day before I took him to the vet for the last time. I picked him up after working alone without his presence and took him to church for the prayer meeting that he always loved. He was fine that day and it was not until the Sunday night that we knew he was preparing to leave us. Robbie ate like a vacuum cleaner, and refused his breakfast for the last 2 days. He woke us up at 3 am and I was with him from 4 am Monday 22nd. Oct,2007 until I had to go up to the bathroom at 6:40. When I came back I could not find Robbie on the floor where he had been all night, so I took my flashlight and went back outside and saw Robbie on the back porch shivering in the cold, having climbed 5 steps, and I picked him up and carried down to his bed, covered him up with his blanket and turned on the fire. At 7:15 am just 1/2 hr later, he looked up at us, turned his head to lay down on the pillow and stopped fighting. I put my ear to his chest and heard his heart beat for about another minute before it stopped. We have lost a very loving, dear family friend.
The night of that Thursday night Church prayer, I turned on KSCO AM radio to listen to your program as usual, with Robbie taking his last ride in our car, and heard you comments on Sprite in the 10 minutes it took to get home. When I needed the comfort most, I saw your interview with Sean Hannity and today I heard Rush share in the beginning of his program. I have had 3 of these wonderful dogs in my life and this guy, Robbie, was the most obedient, loving, gentle-natured, hunter and protector of all.

I started to write “MEMORIES of THE ROBBIE DOGGIE” the day he died, while he still lay on his bed. This dog touched more lives than we could have imagined, went to more churches than most people, could Bark in Tongues ( but we could not always get the Interpretation), was very good at discerning good and bad spirits and never bit anyone else again, though he would NOT be tormented and would snap at anyone foolish enough to try. Did not like any BALL games.
Robbie looked into more refrigerators than anyone we know, and after we changed hid dogfood to a highly nutritios diet her went to 35.4 lbs, to which our vet said cut his food in half and walk him more. In about 2 years his weight came back to 25 lbs ( I weighed Robbie regularly on the recycle yard scales) which he kept until he died. We only fed him his food+ lots of fruit and veges. He loved the crunchy veges, including the peels and skins, especially Lettuce, CARROTS and HOT RADISHES. He NEVER ate junk food, and neither do we.
Over the years Robbie survived a raccoon bite, a bee sting on his mouth that blew his face up, and a mystery blockage that almost killed him eight years ago that only God dissolved after prayer an hour before they opened him up and FOUND NOTHING but perfectly healthy organs inside. He had not eaten for 3 days and was then put on an IV drip for another 3 days before the Op. We took him home with us the next morning after having to stay an extra day at the resort at Angel’s Camp, CA.

There will never ever be another Robbie.

Phil from California