I just heard Mark on Rush’s show. As I write this my beloved Rinny lies close-by. Last week they told me she had cancer and I am truly crushed…having no close family, my georgeous dogs are indeed my kids.
I am watching Rinny every second…I use her favorite things to judge how she feels…I have cooked her steak…chicken…offered ice cream…so far her interest in food remains…a ride in the car still has interest. She has deteriorated and I will not let her suffer a second. She will let me know when it is time..I have always had dogs since I was a boy and have gone through this before…but as Mark said, how different it is when the decision is yours.

What is easy in this situation is to cry..I do not care one whit about showing emotion about my beloved dogs…What may be surprising to some is depth of grief a man can suffer over the loss of ‘THE MOST PERFECT FRIEND”…It will be any time now and my heart is breaking….the world with all its’ nonsense fades away and loses all importance at a time like this…never take them for granted..not even for a second…and I never did.


Bob from NJ