God brought us Lucy in His way. An ad appeared in the paper for a found cocker Spaniel. My wife left an answering machine message and we received no reply. She asked me to call, “Ron from San Pedro” was all I left.
The gentleman was out of town when everyone called. Mine was the first, and only message he listened to.
We met Lucy at his house. She was a beautiful curly red haired puppy, the vet would say was 9 months old.
We had her 12 years. As she grew older, I’d sit o porch rocker and hold her in my lap and talk to her. Everyone thought I was crazy to talk to her, but I know she enjoyed it.
We lost her the day President Reagan died, June 5, 2004.
My wife and I were beside ourselves with grief.

She was cremated and is in an urn in our bookcase along with her leather collar and leash.
I sat many nights on the back porch with her urn in my lap, talking to her as if she were still with us. She was.
I waited for your Book, Mark, and bought one for us and one for our best friend who shares our love of cocker Spaniels.
I finished our copy this morning and was compelled to write you.
In August 2004 we acquired Ricki. She’s got the soul of Lucy and was born May 30 of that year. We found Charlie in Jan 2005, a boy born Oct 27 the same year. Both are black cocker Spaniels. Ricki is my girl friend and Charlie my best buddy. Like Pepsi, Charlie was a slight white beard and a white blaze on his chest, put there no doubt by God so I’d know where he likes to be scratched.

We got Phoebe, a Kairn terrier when our daughter and her family moved into a condo that did not permit pets.
Thank you for your book, and thank you for being who and what you are.
(In 2000 I had a double bypass and know exactly what you went through.)
God bless you, Mark, and your lovely family. Pepsi and Griffen are in good hands.

Ronald from CA