Rescuing Mama

After the Katrina Natural Disaster I went to Mississippi to volunteer to help those that were left with out homes. I stayed with one of many unsung Christian Church Groups that performs many services for our fellow Americans in their time of need. While working one day I noticed a dog that was wandering around our worksite. Days would go by and I would continue to see this dog around. I eventually was able to approach and comfort this obviously skiddish dog.I could only imagine what this dog went through. I continued to see the dog each day as we traveled from the Church to the homesite we worked. The dog was ailing and I felt I needed to help besides just feeding her. Local citizens suggested that Animal control be notified because of the issue with homeless Animals after the Hurricane. I did not want to let the dog go because by now the dog was coming to me each day and I was becoming attached to her.

Because of certain circumstances someone notified authorities to pick up the dog without me knowing,I was devastated. I continued to work in the area for several more weeks still sad about the dog. One day while arriving back to the Church grounds to my amazement the dog which I named MaMa,because you could tell she had a litter at some point,was waiting at my door of the trailer I was staying in. I knew at this point we were meant to be companions. I made arrangements to get MaMa and myself back home to upstate NY. I still remember seeing her stretch after she came out of the travel cage at the Syracuse Airport. She now was home . After many Vet visits and shots for ringworm she now is a healthy energetic dog.

I enjoy every day with her and as she runs around the yard I realize I was blessed in many ways helping people in Missisippi that year. I also realize that I was given a blessing that actually can be seen running and heard barking around my yard these days! Check out Mama sailing this past summer,boy does she have a story attached to her!

Brittany from NY