Rescue Dog

My 6 year old Beagle is a two time rescue dog. She was first rescued by family when she was a pup. They got her from a Beagle rescue organization. After four years they had enough. They put a “free to good owner add” in the local paper. My wife and I responded and were surprised to find a four year old dog. They told us they no longer had time for her. We were looking for a younger dog, but felt so bad for her that we took her home. We could not understand how you could have a dog for four years and then just give her away to the first people who showed up. It took her awhile to warm up to us, understandable as it was the second time she was removed from her home. She eventually came around.

Last year she got out of our yard and chased a squirrel. She ran out into the street and was hit by a truck. She was drug a bit and when we took her to our Vet we found that she had a broken leg, broken ribs, very severe road rash, and some internal injuries. The Vet suggested we put her to sleep as he didn’t think she would pull through. We didn’t want to give up on her. I told the Vet that I didn’t want to put her down and that I would do everything in my power to help her recover. My wife and I have a very young family and were barely getting by. The Vet bills rose over a thousand dollars and we had to take out a small loan. After a couple long months of babying her and spending lots of late nights petting her, and just trying to make her comfortable- she made it. We were happy for her as she had been through enough hardships in her life. I just want to let everyone know that sometimes they make it when no one thinks they will. As it turns out, if we put her down, it would have been for nothing. Please don’t give up. She is back to her old self and still chasing squirrels. Only now she has a much tighter leash. I want to thank you Mark for your book and look forward to reading it. God bless you Mr. Levin.

Kevin from Ohio