Dear Mark,
My husband bought your book for me as we are facing a rough battle with our beloved Remy, a 9 year old female Weimaraner. She was diagnosed with skin cancer 8 months ago. The treatment that they recommended was chemotherapy with only a 60% chance of success. We have chosen not to put her thru that course of treatment an let her live out her days for as long as she can, with us and our two cats and two other dogs. She is in no pain as of yet although she has slowed down but still as happy as ever.

When I found out about her cancer I was devastated and cryed alot. Remy has touched my life like no other pet that I have had. She is always so loving and very needy but I love her so much. Your book was so enlighting as I thought that I was overreacting about her leaving me and our family and that my feelings were way out of whack.
Only a loving dog owner can feel the way we do.
When the time comes for me to decide on putting Remy to sleep I will think of your strength and know that it’s best as it’s not right to let our pets suffer.
No matter how many other dogs I will have in my life there will only be one Remy, she truly entered my life when I needed to be a “parent”.

She has the most beautiful eyes and a loving personality. She can seem to sense when I need a bit more love and is always there wagging her tail and carrying her favorite toy in her mouth and sits right besides me.
Thank you again for bringing to light the great bond we have with our “four-legged family members”.
If only we could give that unconditional love and trust to all as our dogs do we sure would be in a better environment.


Susan from CA

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  1. Carol A Says:

    I am so sorry for what you will face…I lost my Copper last Dec to bone cancer. We had chosen not to do the chemo or amputation but go with the good pain meds…I had 9 wonderful months with her. Go to http://www.critters.com if you need to talk to someone…everyone there knows the devistation and pain of dealing with a sick furry kid. I hope you have a long time with your furever friend.