Remmie is my third German Shepherd Dog I’ve adopted from rescue.

Nobody wanted him because he was skin and bones, his fur was like wire, he was old (I think they estimated about 6 at the time, now about 8).

I’m not sure what his prior “owners” did to him other than starve him, but he looked a bit like someone stuck his bones in a dryer for a few minutes and then just draped his skin over top.

Now he has degraded quite a bit as he’s not able to walk very well. Since I can’t ASK him what he wants, I don’t know what to do: put him down? Keep him around until he totally can’t walk? I don’t know.

Mack, a prior adopted GSD I did the latter and that was just horrible – or did I just THINK it was horrible? I don’t know.

Sometimes it feels like Remmie is trying to tell me “see, I’m okay – don’t put me down” as he picks up a ball and tries to play. But he can’t go anywhere, so he just sits back down.

Other times, it looks like he’s in so much pain as he tries to ambulate through the yard to relieve himself (if he actually makes it that far…).

I don’t know what to do – do you know? How do I know if it’s not just me giving up on him?

I have two other GSDs – one I’ve had since birth (which was a gift) and the other is another rescue, who had also been starved previously.

I will continue to adopt from rescue – these people who throw away their dogs like a piece of garbage make me sick.

I’m going to hit the submit button – this is my second attempt at sending the article and pic – I’m not very good with this medium I’m afraid! Sorry if you got it twice!

Can’t wait to get your book. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to read it – every time you talk about it on the air, I cry. In fact, I cry a lot when I listen to your show – so thanks for mixing in the jokes!

God bless you. Keep up the priceless work you do.

Liz from MD