In 1985, just 2 weeks after we lost or previous companio, my sister found a littlt whit puppy in the middle of a very busy street. She rescued the little thing and called my wife, Madeline, to see if we wanted to adopt her. We were still saddened over the loss of Bitsy and didn’t think we were ready for another dog yet but we went over to see her just to make my sister happy. As soon as Madeline picked up the puppy, it was all over. We had a new mwmber of the household. As she grew from a tiny pup to a beautiful Coker – Spitz mix, we realized how lucky we were to adopt her, Madeline named her Buffy because of he golden white coat.
We were soon astonished at how spart she was and how easily she learned new things. She became Madeline’s daily companion, following her around or just sitting beside her on the sofa.
In 1991, Madeline suffered a major heart attack. I called the paramedics who took her to the hospital where she passed soon after.
Buffy saw all this happening and saw when they carried Madeline out the door on a stretcher. For the next three months Buffy sat looking out the front window, waiting for her mistress to return. I was worried about her but she still ate her dinner and went out when she needed so I knew that with time she would get back to normal. She would still wander theough the house occassionally as if searching for something.
Over time, Buffy slowly transferred her alliegence to me and could sense when I was particularly sad and lonely. She helped me through some very trying times and I sometimes think that if it weren’t for her, I may not have made it myself.

Just after Christmas 2000, Buffy had a seizure. I rushed her to the vet clinic where my youngest daughter worked as a veterinary tech. They found that Buffy has a brain stem tumor and said nothing could be done except medication to control the seizures and ease her anxiety. I was told she may live six months at best. I was so devistated it was if I had been stabbed in the heart.
Everyone was astonished that she kept going for 14 months but then the cancer finally begin to win. I sat up with all night holding her and telling her how much we all loved her, but most of all, to thank her for giving me strength and love when I was at my lowest.
The next day we went to the vet to ease her suffering and put her to rest. I held her in my arms, told her once again how much I loved her and she gave me one last nose kiss. It was as if she was telling me it was okay, that she was ready to go. I saw the light slowly fade from her gentle brown eyes as she began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge to rejoin her mistress.
All I remember of the lonely drive home was how difficult it was to drive with tears running down down my face.
When I got home I began to think that surely that can’t be all there is. She deserved mor than that so I sat down at my PC and wrote the following:
August 23, 1985 – February 13, 2001

Buffy left us today on her journey to meet her mistress, Madeline, at the rainbow Bridge. This is in rememberance and tribute to a little puppy who brought love, laughter, companionship and strength to all those who knew her.

I remember when Madeline first saw and fell in love with he.
I remember how she grew from an ungainly puppy to a beautiful dog.
I remember how very smart she was.
I remember how she drank iced tea out of a glass,
I remember how funny it was to watch her eat olives and grapes.
I remember how she loved chocolate malts.
I remember all the tricks she could do.
I remember nose kisses.
I remember how daintily she could eat off a fork.
I remember how much she hated to get wet.
I remember her running through the house shaking her stuffed toys.
I remember her waiting by the door every day for the girls to come home from school.
I rememberhow she loved to ride in the car.
I remember how she sat by the window for Madeline to come home.
I remember how she looked for her long after she was gone.
I remember how she slept on Madeline’s pillow just to smell her fragrance.
I remember how she would sit by my side when I was sad and lonely.
I remember when I realized she was getting older. I remember how very sick she was and how worried we were for her.
I remember how she knew when people were trying to help her.
I remember when she began to loose her sight and hearing.
I remember when we knew there was nothing else we could do for her.
I remember when it was time to say goodbye.
I remember the very last nose kiss,
I remember holding her in my arms until she was left us.
I remember how very much it hurt when she was gone.

I will always remember Madeline’s Buffy.

Art from TX