I just found out my nine year old German Sheppard has lymphoma. We think we have caught it in time and she is doing real well although she will have to take pills from now on. She is a very faithful companion to my wife and I after our daughter got married and left for the northern part of the state. She is our child now. When I was in the service I was a K9 handler in the late 50’s and early 60’s in Germany. I have had many Sheppard’s over the years and they all have made a difference in our lives. I lost my last Sheppard Fume to Cancer around the same age of 9. I have found that putting up pictures in the hallway has lessened the loss of each of our pets that have passed on over the last 47 years since we purchased our home. May God Bless all who care for pets and you for writing this book.

Duane & Reiko from CA

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  1. Jerry Pownall Says:


    I truly hope you are right about catching it in time, but I’m not sure that is possible. Please read my story — Her Name Was Ami, and I Loved Her So. Ami recently succumbed to lymphoma after a year’s battle. We caught it very early, but it did not seem to matter. Ami’s story is at http://www.marklevinshow.com/sprite/?cat=6&paged=11. Go to previous stories, about four or five pages.

    Jerry Pownall (pownall@earthlink.net)