Reggie (a Shi-Tzu mix) was received as a gift from friends in 1989. Kandi (a Toy Poodle) was adopted on the death of her owner in 1991. They became very close with Kandi running the show. We were the best of friends and companions for the next 14+ years. Reggie went blind and became diabetic in 2000 requireing me to give him insulin injections twice a day. Kandi developed pulmonary prolapse which also required medication each day. Neither of their health problems took away their zest for life and we continued to enjoy our time together. In 2004 I was required to leave for 4 days to attend the funeral of my brother-in-law. I boarded them with their veterinarian. When I returned Dr. Warren, their Veterinarain, called me aside and told me that Kandi had died during the night. He said that when he came in Reggie was wrapped around Kandi protecting her. He also said that Reggie was listless and could not stand up and did not know if Reggie would survive the loss of Kandi. We agreed that he would observe Reggie at his home overnight and make a recommendation the next day. His recommendation was that we should euthanize Reggie and I agreed. (Reggies health had deteriorated during the past year and the decision was based on that as well as the current situation). I spent the next four hours reminescing with Reggie. He talked to me in his own way and I knew by his demeanor that he wanted to say goodby. I kissed him and then Dr. Warren took him. I had Reggie and Kandi wrapped together in their favorite blanket and buried in a beautiful pet cemetary where I visit them regularly. You can imagine the shock and anguish I felt at loseing both of them in this way and within 2 days of each other. I will always cherish the memory of our
freinship and companionship. I carry a lock of their hair and their picture in my wallet and many pictures of them adorn my home. I received more then 50 condolence cards which shows the compassion of people who understand the bond between a master and his canine pals.

Best Wishes, Stan from TX