I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite today and cannot thank you enough for putting into words the way I too feel about dogs…especially shelter dogs. Eight years ago, my husband and I adopted our first dog Reggie, a mixed breed, from a local shelter. He was such an easygoing dog and he immediately became a family member (he has his own queen size bed!) Six years later, I found the website petfinder.com and located another dog (mixed breed) in foster care; he was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. After six years with just one dog, I didn’t know how Reggie would take the addition of another dog into the family, but he accepted our newest member, Stanley, without much reservation. In fact, Stanley, I believe, has helped Reggie become even more active and playful. In May of this year, I found another mixed breed at the same shelter where we found Reggie and so, we adopted her too. After the two dogs, one more isn’t a big deal. Lucy has adapted well to her new family and it seems as if she has been here forever. I know there will be much sorrow when these blessed souls are no longer with us, but the love and joy they have brought us will be well worth it. God Bless you and your family for giving Sprite two wonderful years on Earth; so long as his memory lives, so does Sprite. We are truly the lucky ones for we have experienced the love of a dog, a love that is genuine and true. Your book will stay with me forever! Thank you for writing it!

Michelle from PA