HI Mark,
I have always been an advocate for pet adoption as an alternative to breeders and pet shops. We adopted our beloved Reagan some years ago and he was the best friend anyone could ever have. I spent my college years working in an animal hospital and I have rescued and found loving homes for many unwanted dogs. I could always imagine what these poor dogs would say if they could talk so I decided to say it for them. So, being a professional musician I wrote a song which says what I think a dog would say. I have performed it in many venues and I am posting a link to it for any dog lover who would like to listen.
It is a tribute to my two lifetime companions, Reagan who I mentioned at the beginning of this letter and Skeeter who I rescued from an abusive household and became my trusted friend through college and my early adult years. Both of my dogs died peacefully in my arms and I know they are still watching over me and my family with their protective eyes.


Here’s the song:

Respectfully submitted,


Lucy from AZ