Rasha, Bitsy

have lost 2 cats in the last 5-6 years. The first was named Rasha and she belonged to our daughter originally when she was in college.. She traveled with us.she greeted me everyday when I came home from work and was like a child to us. She developed cancer and after spending 00.00 on surgery, etc she died in my arms 2 weeks later. I hurt so bad I thought I would go mad. My husband and I both cried all weekend.

Finally he told me to look on line when I was ready and find a shelter and find another cat. I did and printed out a picture and showed it to him…….he wanted to know where I got that picture of Rasha. I said it’s not Rasha…her name is Bitsy. We adopted Bitsy and she wrapped herself around our hearts and helped to heal the hold that Rasha left and still is there. We had Rasha cremated because we were living in NJ at the time and we were moving back to Texas. Bitsy made the move but she was always a little on the sickly side, very shy almost feral. We had her about 2 ½ years when her kidneys failed. We finally realized it was time to have her put down. I held her in my arms wrapped in her little pink blanket and my husband sitting with us as the Vet gave her the shot. We brought her home and buried her in the back yard under a big tree and put a marker up. Now before Bitsy died we also adopted a dog. Zoey! She is part Lab and part Border Collie. All black and is a ball of fire……Bitsy was too intimidated by her. However, again we adopted another cat. He is a 22 lb. shorthaired charcoal grey big old lovable tomcat named Ralphy. Now Zoey tried to intimidate Ralphy at first. Now they are like brother and sister. Zoey really protects Ralphy and in turn Ralphy “tolerates” Zoey. They give each other nose rubs and at times I think Ralphy thinks he is a dog.
He and Zoey like to chase squirrels in the backyard.
I recently lost both my parents, Dad in December and mother in May. Both pets have been a great comfort to me but Zoey, especially. She goes with me to the cemetery, over to the parents home and watches while I get it ready to go up for sale. She is very protective, but as soon as she sees it’s okay she is very lovable and friendly.
I do not understand people who do not like pets. Their love and loyalty is so unconditional. Mark I am sorry for your loss. I know that heartbreak, the complete feeling that nothing will ever be the same. For me, it was best for me to replace that loss as soon as possible. Some people can not. Like children you love all the same and in different ways.

Marquita from TX