This is a story about my dog, Ralph. He was a Great Dane / lab mix. He was one of the most athletic dogs we have ever had. He had this “smile” on his face when we were outside working. He loved being around us.
We had to have him put down earlier this year. His back legs had started to go out, I’m sure you know this happens with danes. We had him on some medicine that helped for a while, but it only was temporay help. It broke my heart to see him dragging himself after us, wanting to go along, but not able to. It got so bad, his paws would get scraped and cut from dragging himself around. We finally made the difficult decision to let him go.
That day was one of the most difficult I have had. We have had other dogs, but there was something different about Ralph. He never gave up. I was in the vet’s office waiting while my dad filled out the paperwork. It took a while because it’s hard to write when you are sobbing out loud. There was a Rottweiler inside. Ralph had always been protective of us. Even unable to walk – we had to pick up his back legs to move him- he moved in front of me and barked at the Rott. What a hero!
The vet was very compassionate and gave us plenty of time. Then comes the peace, when you know its time. The vet pushed the meds and he was gone.
I still miss him, but now I remember the joy of having a dog who whole -heartedly loved us.
I love your show and I am going to get your book.
God Bless you,
Matt from WA