“Pudge” is a Jack Russell Terrier that came to us 2 weeks ago. He was found sitting in the middle of a busy road at 5 am . A wondeful woman named Janice picked him up and moved him to the grass. A half hour later,she drove back and Pudge was back in the middle of the road,so she took him home. It was when she took him to the vet the next day that she found Pudge was blind,deaf,and had a back leg that had been broken,fixed,and re-broken. she kept him for 3 weeks,desperately trying to find some kind of Rescue that would take him,no one would. Pudge is also 13 years old.

Janice knew from the way he acted that he had been someones dog. She put up flyers in her neighborhood,contacted vets,and the HSUS to try and place him. In the meantime she spent 0.00 vetting him.Finally she found our small Russell Rescue and called me. We now have Pudge here in our home with our other 4 JRTs and our chihuahua. He will be here with us untill he has to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Pudge gets along well,except for bumping into a few things,he hops along like any other dog.We have grown to love him,and he deals well with his deafness and blindness. He fits in,and barks as much as our other dogs. If it were not for Janice,who knows what horrible fate would have found poor Pudge. We think he was dropped off,maybe his owner died,but we will never know the past of this brave little JRT that has overcome all odds to continue to live. Pudgey has shown us that you don’t need eyes or even ears and four legs to have a good life. Something for us all to learn,we think.

Maddie from MI

3 Responses

  1. Maddie Seele Says:

    Hey guys,thank you for printing Pudgeys story. I should have proof-read it for errors! BTW Janice spent $350.00 on Pudge,not $0.He was hacking pretty bad so we took him into our vet Saturday,he has a heart murmur. So our time with Pudge will be short………..he is helping ME recover from illness and recent surgery. From Pudge,(I let him on the computer,you should see him type!) “Der peepoles I am da old dawg dat got named Pudge. I am likin dis new home,wif udder dawgs and cats. Sumtimes I bump inta stuff,i am learnin da way. Yer freind,Pudge Russell”

  2. Helen Says:

    Maddie, what a wonderful thing you and Janice did.
    I love your big heart. Hugs to Pudge.

  3. Heather (cami) Says:

    Maddie you are a gift to Pudge and I also believe he has been a gift to you. Pudge has found his way into a wonderful home and his little heart will know the most love he could ever have and my dear that is the best gift you can give.

    Hats off to you for taking Pudge into your life and home and also hats off to Janice for working so hard to ensure Pudge had the life he deserved. (((HUGS)))