Princess and Duke

Dear Mark…Your story is the story of all of us who have owned and lost a beloved pet.

Our two dogs…Princess and Duke (Poodles) were special friends to our family as our three children grew up. These two dogs were buddies and were our faithful friends who brought us joy, laughter and deep sorrow in their passing…As you have experienced, this was traumatic for our family.

One funny story…Duke, having gone through obedience school twice …graduated “summa cum ‘lousy'” according to the teacher…BUT Dukie was at the top of his class in gentleness, companionship and faithfulness.

We LOVE YOU MARK and we feel close to you in our love for our pets. You call us your “beloved audience and family” and YOU, Great One, are our beloved talk show host and friend.

God bless you….

Carolyn & Bob from Ohio