Your book has helped me move along in my grieving process after losing my best friend, Prince, earlier this year. He was an old Cocker Spaniel that I saved as a puppy and fully intended for him to be my daughter’s first dog. But Prince had other ideas. I guess he liked the way I played ball and fetch more than my daughter and went on to adopt me. During his life, this dog became a central character in our family and I believe that he knew it. When he was a few years old my mother became sick and I moved her in with us.

Prince took to her and became her constant companion and protector. My lovely mother passed away almost three years ago and when we came home from the hospital without her Prince knew something was wrong. He stayed in her room all day long until I would come home from work at which time he would never leave my feet. As he was getting on in years, I committed myself to making sure his time left with us was happy. There was never to be a shortage of fuzzy tennis balls in my house. Never a shortage of treats. Lots of treats. No more moratoriums on table food to watch his weight. His last night with me came a few short months ago. When I came home he was not waiting at the front door as he had done for so many years. I found him on the patio sitting and looking over the yard that we had spent so many days and nights playing in. A few minutes later he came in the house, sat at my feet, looked at me and all four of his feet went out from underneath him. We knew that he was getting close to leaving us and my eyes filled with tears as I felt this was it.

When I couldn’t get him up, we just put a comforter underneath him. I got a pillow and blanket and laid next to him, petting him and talking about all of the happy years we had together. I told him how happy he had made all of our family, in particular my mother. He slept, waking only to check and make sure that it was still my arm around him. A few hours passed as I lay and listen to him sleep until I felt the strangest feeling in my gut. Prince raised his head and looked into my eyes and laid his head down and let out his last breath. Many things changed in my life over almost twenty years but the one constant was the love and companionship that this fine and noble friend gave to me everyday. I miss you, Prince. Take care of my mother up there.

John from TX

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  1. Jackie Cutter Says:

    Your picture of Prince looks so much like my cocker, Snuggles, who I had to put to sleep in October after 13 1/2 years. He also would pose for the camera. Hope they are playing together and becoming best friends. I miss him very much also.