Though I am more of a cat person than a dog person, I have developed a relationship with our next door neighbor’s dog. They leave it in the back yard and never come out to play with him. When I go into our backyard, he comes to fence and wags his tail. I reach over the fence and pet him and talk to him. I throw him sticks from our yard and he fetches and brings them back to me. He seems kind of timid sometimes. I feel sorry for him. I don’t think people should get pets, especially dogs, if they don’t have time or want to socialize with them. Dogs and cats are very social animals that crave human relationships. They want to be part of a family. I guess a “pack” or a “pride”. It just isn’t right to leave a dog alone outside all of the time. The dog is a pit bull, but he’s very friendly. I belive that all dogs are born with an instinct to be friendly and love humans, but only become mean if they are raised to be. I am buying Mark’s book for my friend who is a dog rescuer. She has several dogs that she has rescued, she fosters dogs waiting for homes and she volunteers for SPCA work.

God Bless

Kevy from TX