Posey, Kaela, Nicky

Dear Mark:

I have been listening to you for the last six months and I so appreciate the way that you point out that we conservatives are some of the most generous and compassionate people on the earth. One of the ways that shows is our love for our animals.

I am on my third dog. My last two were adopted. I had to put down my second dog, Posey, February 2007, shortly after breaking my arm. Posey was a gorgeous yellow lab who was loved by everyone for her gentle and compliant spirit. I adopted her at age 6 from a vet who bred her and did not like her. Three years later she was full of breast cancer probably because she was not spayed early in life. I spent $1000 on her surgery and recovery. She and I had a wonderful, full summer of 2006. Posey loved to sit outside while I washed my car. The neighbors would all stop to pet her and greet her. She tolerated my neighbor’s pushy and obnoxious male schnauzer who was really mean to her at times.

In late fall 2006 I noticed a huge mass in her abdomen. I got the devastating news that it was cancer and nothing could be done. What a blow. I vowed not to let her go too long as I did my first lab, who lived to be almost 13. Posey began exhibiting strange behavior such as jumping on the bed and wanting to lay by my head or standing on the bed while I was in it. I realize now that she must have been in pain and feeling very bad and was seeking comfort in the only way she knew how. She kept me up repeatedly and I found myself getting upset at her because of my sleep deprivation. Now I deeply regret my anger at her because I know that she was so ill.

I knew it was time to put her at rest when I took her out one night a few weeks after breaking my arm and I noticed her rear leg was swollen. Her whole belly was full. She laid quietly on my bed the last night. I have pictures of her on my bed the morning I took her in. Her eyes were glazed over with suffering and I had no question that this was right to do. I couldn’t bear seeing her suffer anymore.

I stayed with her while she was euthanized as I did with my first dog, Kaela, also a fabulous yellow. I cried all day. I still miss her greatly – she is my desktop!

Shortly thereafter, in March 2007, I adopted an abandoned black lab mix already named Nicky. Her owners walked away from the house they were renting and left her without food and water. While not crazy about her name I kept it and it seems to fit her. She is full of personality and behaviors that are a delight. She is a true cuddler and lapdog even at 64 pounds. I am thrilled that I was able to give her a home and receive her many kisses!

I purchased “Rescuing Sprite” and have already read and cried through it. Mark, thank you so much for all you are doing with your radio show. I am an attorney and I love hearing your analysis, especially of the judiciary. I pray for you that God will give you strength to keep speaking the truth as difficult as it is for me to listen sometimes.

Deborah from MN