I bought 6 copies and it is a treasure. I have 3 sisters – we are all nurses and love animals.We have dogs and cats and everyone gets along. Pookie, the pooch 10 yrs, who looks just like Griffin had both hind legs repaired this summer. He is my love and when my sister says Aunt Jeannie is on the phone his tail and body shiver and he howls
out joy. We recently had to put 2 stray cats we took in to sleep. We kept Oliver and Pearl alive and happy for 6 months but they got very sick with leukemia and we had to do what you did. I had a stray, I adopted from the hospital boiler room, named Bluie for 21 yrs my heart was so heavy when I had to take him in. He knew put still purred and looked at me adoringly when I held him in my arms.

My Bluie 21 yrs, Sloopy 20 yrs and Fay Ray 18 yrs are all gone to heaven. I have all their ashes and they will go with me when it is my time. I have Emma now, I adopted her from a shelter when she was 3 yrs – she is 10 now and brings my husband and me absolute joy. Mark, why don’t you ad a feline to your family. Russ has Punkin and he loves her. You are a most wonderful man – I feel as if you are part of my family. You are always on my radio. I have had the honor to speak with you twice. my husband says I am a celeb since I spoke to you. Please remind people who adopt to make sure they are able to care for a cat or dog before they take them home. Sometimes these sweet animals don’t wind up in loving homes. Emma sleeps between me and my husband Michael every nigght. She actually kisses us good night on our nose. It doesn’t get any better that that. God Bless you and your family. Take care, this county needs you.

Jean from NY