Pola and Dylan

My husband and I owed so much to Pola and Dylan (our Boxer and Dalmatian) – actually, we wouldn’t be a couple were it not for them. ….

Pola was his and Dylan was mine… we both exercised our dogs in a nearby field and one day he copied my phone number from Dylan’s embroidered collar, called me and the rest is history. That was over 14 years ago…

We lost Pola 2 ½ years ago to cancer at the age of 11 leaving a huge hole in our hearts and Dylan without her best friend. A few months later we rescued male boxer, Duke, the best boy you could ever ask for – he ran around in circles trying to please Dylan, but poor Dylan didn’t want another friend. She was never the same – with other dogs or with us.

We were forced to put Dylan down in August at the age of 13 ½ – her body was failing and after months of treatments and surgery it became apparent that it was time – time to let go – time to let her find the sister she had lost 2 ½ years before. Time to run and play again, to be free of the body that was breaking down and to let her spirit fly. To reunite with Pola and play tag and tug of war; and to wait for us.

I cry as I write this because the hurt never goes away – despite that fact that you head tells you it was the right thing to do and she had a good life, your heart never really accepts it and unless you are an animal person, you truly don’t understand.

We’ve now rescued Lacey and god bless our boy Duke. He has welcomed her into our home and is allowing her to become part of our pack. I know too that someday the same heart-wrenching decisions will have to be made and that Duke and Lacey will also break our hearts. But at this point in time all that seems far away. So until then, we begin a new chapter in our lives – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mark, I look forward to reading your wonderful book and getting to know Sprite. Thank you for allowing me to tell people about my Pola and Dylan and reminding me that while it’s okay to mourn their deaths, to remember to celebrate their lives……

Mary from NY