Nine years ago a dog showed up in the neighborhood and moved in under our neighbor’s shed. I would sneak her food and water much to my husbands’ discouragement. One day he noted that the water bowl was pushed back under the chain link fence. He realized she was smart. He challenged me, “If you can get that dog in our backyard, you can keep her.” I walked around to the neighbor’s yard and said, “Come on baby, let’s go home.” She followed me into the back yard and never left. She was filthy, and full of worms including heartworms. We took her to the vet and they healed her. We named her Poko. It is a Hopi Indian word that means- animal who does things for you., and she has done just that. She reminds us every day how fragile life is. She is about 12yrs now and we dread the day.

Denise from MO