I listened today to the radio and her you on hannity .I was walking on my treat mil and after a while I started crying by the story you told about sprite.

I love animals but especially dogs. They are my life and can’t live without them. We bought a dog (pip) at a pet store. Jeez now 6 years ago and so she is six. She has her own personality but a sweet lady. then years ago about three years ago now i watched TV and saw this rat terrier on TV lived on the streets and was picked up by humane society. Then went to people who gave it back after a week. Saw him again on TV. Again went to other people he was eating furniture they said and again ended up at humane.Then The third time I could not stand it no more and ended up calling to meet Scout. We went (my husband and me) and I was right away in love with this dog. I was lying on the floor to just be close to him,and let him come to me. They didn’t know much about his background then he was hit by a car couldn’t tell how old he really was and that he has no hip on one leg.But can walk pretty fine with that on his four legs. We went back later with pip to see if the two connected. They right away where big pals.

So we took scout home.He never broke any furniture and my two dogs are great together. He became very close to me and they are my pals. I am grateful that i took action that day.But also think this was meant to happen. He belongs in our family. I hope we have them for a long time.Would I rescue again.OO hell yeah. just they other day we had found another dog in the street . She came and we waited for the Humane to pick her up But right away I was saying ;”If she doesn’t have a home I will take her” We called a day later and she was picked up by her family. I was happy that she made it home.
But Damn Mark you made me cry only to talk on hannity about Sprite.

Eva from CA

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  1. Jim Says:

    What kind of dogs are these?